AboitizPower Lights the Spark in Cebu Communities with Impactful CSR Initiatives

AboitizPower Lights the Spark in Cebu Communities with Impactful CSR Initiatives

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Beyond generating power, AboitizPower is leaving a lasting impact on Cebu communities through its diverse and impactful CSR initiatives. In 2023, the company invested P11.5 million in projects focused on environmental conservation, livelihood development, and community empowerment, showcasing its commitment to being a responsible partner in progress.

Protecting Cebu’s vibrant marine life:

Scubasurero: Dive into action with AboitizPower’s underwater cleanup project. This initiative, led by scuba-diving employees and volunteers, removes harmful debris from the Bato Marine Sanctuary, safeguarding its delicate ecosystem for fishermen and marine life.

Turning waste into wealth:

Project BRICK: This innovative project transforms coal ash byproduct and plastic waste into eco-friendly hollow blocks, nine times stronger than traditional ones. The project not only addresses environmental concerns but also creates a “waste-to-wealth” livelihood opportunity for the community through production and sales.

Cultivating creativity and resilience:

Bamboo Growing Project: Nurturing both skills and sustainability, this project trains residents in crafting beautiful and functional bamboo products under expert guidance. Beneficiaries are gearing up for the upcoming World Bamboo Day in Toledo City, showcasing their talents and entrepreneurial spirit.

Empowering women through digital skills:

Connected Women: Bridging the digital divide, AboitizPower partners with Connected Women to equip unemployed women with data annotation skills. This training opens doors to remote work opportunities for housewives and single mothers, providing financial independence and contributing to the digital economy.

Extending a helping hand:

Livelihood Recovery Project: Recognizing the challenges faced by local fishermen, AboitizPower, alongside the Aboitiz Foundation and Naga City, provided a new motorboat and fishing equipment to the Seaside Fisherman Association. This vital support strengthens their livelihood and ensures food security for their families and communities.

These are just a few examples of how AboitizPower is illuminating the way for a brighter future in Cebu. Their dedication to sustainable development and community empowerment ensures that the communities they serve not only thrive, but also actively participate in shaping a better tomorrow.

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